SOVA Meets His Manatees….. Day 1

•November 13, 2007 • 1 Comment

Much more to follow but SOVA is back from his tour of Chicago where they grow em tough….

Do Make Say Think

So after much consideration regarding logistics, timing & whatnot it was necessary for the Mento to get out and visit his Manatees in the crown of the midwest- Chicago. I had planned for some time to go there to shop G-Skools and such so it was a natural extension to hang with family and fans. Oh boy….. Was it shark week.

Now my undermensches, Audrey and Lily will tell something of a different tale… but in the end, ambivalence (gotcha bitches!) of the greatest kind prevailed. I got in Thursday around noon and made my way downtown. It was from that point when I met a wandering Lily by the Omni, wearing the sexiest of purple eye shadows, that my heart, kidneys, spleen and liver would be changed…. for ever.

After hugs, on to the upscale Grand Lux Cafe (not that upscale but hey) where I haggled with the help to please allow me to drink a “double” bourbon on the rocks. The staff, dumbfounded by the request, brought to my attention the prohibition era law enforced by Mayor Daly that outlawed “doubles” of any kind. It was at this time that I knew the menage a trois I dreamed of was in jeopardy. However, Lily’s purple eyeshadow cast ever so menacingly into the waiter’s eyes, a Nascar sized tumbler of oakey delight sat in front of me.

Enter Audrey– Sauntering in with her Top Gun wire frames, a new red phone, and attitude for days. It had felt like I knew Audrey for years, though meeting her only for the first time. Maybe it was the matching wire frames, maybe it was the mutual idea of dumpster hugging, maybe it was the notion of being an outlaw vampire. It was now a reality and the triad was complete. Armed with only a few pieces of seared ahi (and some new, creative ways to eat edamame) to soak up the boozeful bliss with my lovelies, your dear SOVA was his own version of Angus Young… clearly traveling on a “Highway to Hell.”

On to Lux Bar where the booze and snickering, offset by some key lime pie and an ice cream sundae, was becoming more ridiculous. I think at this point, Lily began to whine about helping the poor and her tutoring came into play. I wanted to sleep with her student but then again, I was ready to sleep with 3/4 of Chicago at that point. Audrey and I chided her repeatedly until Lily realized that a.) she was drunk and b.) she couldn’t save every Slovakian in Chicago.

Like a beaten UFC fighter, Lily submitted… but then we remembered “We have ADD!” Lets find our focus!!!! Back to my place where we found our focus (ahem) then off to another bar… Or was it the other way around? Yes fans, your darling SOVA was a mess. As Lily put it, I was walking into poles (racist) and Audrey was just messy (improv’d btw). Regardless of which came first, it entailed more bourbon, more ketel (with diet coke or sprite- its how I could tell the difference between the twins of sin) and more infighting between my vital organs. The night ended up back at my place with a vicious series of Wii challenges and an unusual incleling for beating on Audrey (and much so vice versa). This is also the time, in between Audrey’s haymaker punches to my midsection, that Audrey would sneak off to the secret place to vom. I did not know this until the next day. Lily and I rapped to the emo-ith degree until 6 am, only having blue donuts along the way. Audrey had passed out with sugar plums dancing overhead, and vom runs every hour or so. The twins of sin left SOVA cold at 6 and change with Lily and I regrouping the next night for the Say Hi concert. But that’s for the next chapter…..


I Hold My Hands Up, I am a Believer In Joy Division…..

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“Fucking Hallelujah” shouts Rob Gretton, extolling the band that would thrust him into fame and fortune.

Hallelujah is right. Hallelujah to Anton Corbijn for making Control, Hallelujah to Deb Curtis for having the courage to show us all sides of the Ian Curtis story, and Hallelujah to Peter, Bernard, and Stephen for carrying on the legacy of Joy Division and Ian, via New Order.

As the movie wound down yesterday, my eyes welled up with tears as the moment approached. Anyone who knows the story of the troubled Joy Division front man knew the frame was set for him to take his own life when Ian banished Deborah from their small Macclesfield home and sat on the couch to watch Herzog’s Stroszek (which wasn’t in the pic). The following morning he would hang himself.

I cried not only because of the depiction of a hero taking his life, but because I found how easy it is to seem so isolated and introverted that the only solution would be to end it all. Ian, like many of us at one time or another, felt like he had no where else to turn. The inner strife stemming from being married at an early age with a new daughter while not so secretly having an affair with another woman, and dealing with an unwanted rapid rise to stardom all weighed on an already fragile conscience.

This movie is permanence for Ian. I have read countless reviews, starting from Cannes to the present, regarding the movie’s merit and frankly, it’s simple to see who really understands what Ian means to the existential purist. I made a mention a couple of weeks ago of a review by LD Beghtol who guts the biopic, calling it trite. After seeing the movie yesterday, I no longer need the validation of any review. As Ian answers a question from Annik in an interview regarding the beauty of Joy Division’s music: “Not all of Joy Division’s music is supposed to be beautiful.” To me, Control is not supposed to be beautiful. It is supposed to be complex. Complex to those who are thinkers, who question, and who don’t know it all.

If you haven’t seen Control, think, question, and go see it.  Bravo.


It’ll Be Alright

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More Tomorrow, but What a Night….


Hold on Tight….

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It’s Friday. Finally? Not really. Samhain is quickly approaching, the leaves are dying, the days age faster, the darkness consumes. We celebrate Halloween by hiding ourselves just for one night (except for certain dumpster huggers who are armed with multiple aliases) but what do you do when you’ve been hiding all along? I know I’m not alone in this distorted camp of being something for the sake of saving face or preserving the status quo. I may be better than most in execution but frankly, the restlessness is tiring. Maybe I can scare myself by just being me for Halloween.

I long for the day when my Halloween ends, my mask comes off, and my tricks turn to treats.

“though the words we speak are banal, not one of them’s a lie, not one of them’s a lie
you’re what happens when two substances collide, and by all accounts you really should’ve died”

My Own Private Idaho….

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10-25-07_00253.jpgSo… I’m looking at the stack of papers. Its looking back at me. Two days to parse it, package it, and present it.

Stop by and say hi. I’m not sleeping for a while (and I got the Rits and Addys means to make it happen).

It’ll be pretty fucking sick if it happens

I Will Love you in the Morning if You Love Me Tonight….

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So, the title isn’t really fitting but I’m listening to the new Seawolf and it keeps cycling through my head….

I don’t have much of a song or dance to propose as I am stuck trying to meet a deadline that hopefully won’t prove insurmountable. I’ve had some inquiries from a bunch of unusually eager readers (who would have guessed) as to my whereabouts, so I thought I would check in. I’m writing a grant proposal for the first time ( yes, your darling SOVA will even beg from time to time) and instead of filtering down and down, the paperwork, thoughts, insecurities, etc. seem to grow and grow. Perhaps the title is fitting: Help me help you and I will love you in the morning.

Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

Funny, I felt shallow and compelled to come out from under my rock because I got another parking ticket today. If you have forgotten already, I have a special relationship with the SFMTA to the tune of 700.00 so I was a bit peeved to see the little white envelope that every San Franciscan loathes.

If all works out, I’ll be in Africa early next year. Oh, I can blog from Africa… bet.

I’d love to really share what is keeping me quelled however I’m not into blue balls so until I can be the Sigfried to your Roy (or Holland Oates to your Peter Gabriel), I will lie low.

I am still updating though… be careful for moving parts.

By the way, drop everything and score the new Seawolf. If not for the novelty of another band with “wolf” in it, then for the great follow up to an already great EP. “Song for the Dead,” “Neutral Ground” (New Fav), and “The Promise” are a couple of great heady tracks.

Your indebted SOVA


Feel the Pain….

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I hadn’t listened to that D Jr. song in some time. Then I remembered why. J Mascis’ voice ripped into me over and over:

“I feel the pain of everyone
Then I feel nothing
I feel the pain of everyone
Then I feel nothing
I feel the pain of everyone
Then I feel nothing
I feel the pain of everyone
Then I feel nothing
Is it up to me? You won’t wait to see…..”

conjuring up feelings of why we (in the provincial sense) love hurting ourselves and what happens when we have felt too much. do we feel the pain to get to the point where we feel the nothingness? is the void the new high? i don’t know for certain, but i really wanna tee off on fifth ave, i wanna not feel bad when i hit a business man in the eye with my drive, i wanna drive the wrong way down a one way street in my golf cart, i wanna take a nice shot out of central park, i wanna sink a nice, long putt and dream of the days when the WTC was in my background.

Maybe I’m just bored on the outside….. I hope so because the acathisia is ripping. Watch the vid so you don’t feel compelled to get me on haldol.