Youre Next Audrey….. Day 3- The Mentor Gets Mauled

dmst1.jpgSo last chapter, we left an anxious young SOVA going solo with Lily- A night filled with a great dinner, a hetero-flexible Say Hi concert (sprinkled with a dash of hillbilly) and finally fresh out of a Nigerian’s cab with a clean 20 dollar bill, compliments of some Chicago drunkard who was saying to him/herself “Where the fuck did that 20 go?”. One would posit good luck for the strapping jr. alcoholic. Oh kiddies, how right and how wrong. In fact, it still amazes me a week later how so right could be so wrong. The following Saturday has become a timeless event, kind of like the hand prints of Zsa Zsa Gabor on the walk of fame. Yes, very ugly, but still very cool. I felt pretty shitty for the obvious reasons (if necessary, refer to chapters 1 & 2) and was informed by Lily that her kidneys would not let her go out and play at the Do Make Say Think concert that night (which btw is the reason why I have the damn poster up). At the time of her announcement, it seemed that my attendance was in question as well. But, being the tough boy scout that I am, I pulled it together to make a mission of seeing DMST.Audrey informed me of her plans to rendez-vous downtown with pals so I intercepted her on the eL and we were off like Batman and Robin. We fought evil in the damndest of places. Audrey bitchslapped a hippie environmentalist back up the tree he was trying to save, I bummed a cig from a bum and we crusaded mightier and louder than any Christian could ever boast.Enter shit bar. Drink. Drink more. Drink ourselves silly. Smack. Bite. Fight. Laugh. All an exercise in training for the Caped Crusaders. Suddenly, any vital organ of mine was further in hiding than Osama himself. Enter little bit nicer shit bar next door (yes, that’s how blasted we were, we couldn’t make it but next door).Demanding the table in the window, Audrey and I took it to the next level. Ribs, faces, arms, hands…. There was nothing off limits. We humored two pseudo market mavens who scoffed at my inability to commit to “blood diamonds” for Audrey’s ears. They happened to believe that the violence being displayed by the two of us could only be the product of a deep love shared by a couple. Nah. However, the bar manager was not so happy with our Gitmo style form of smitten-ness and for the most part threw us out of the bar. I guess Chicago isn’t so rough and tumble in the end. Whatever. It was approaching show time anyways (not that I had any idea of what time it was) so I thought I would persuade Audrey to walk to the Metro from the bar. Little did I know that it was a shorter walk to Toepeka, Kansas than the Metro. We walked and walked, and walked, and fucking walked. I whizzed (supposedly) at oncoming voyeurs who probably have nightmares to this day and stumbled my way towards Mecca, I mean Metro. At some point I lost my co-star in “A History of Violence, pt. 2” but I am sure I probably tried to persuade her to have my offspring, or at least go to the show with me. Showtime. I made it to the Metro. The walk did not in fact sober me up. I was wasted. I saw a bit of Apostle Hustle and for the most part they were alright. However, a feral cat in my pants would have been alright at this juncture. I did sober up though when the band that made my trip came on stage. I had missed them in SF but they didn’t get away this time. The set was absolutely amazing. Breathtaking at that. The horn solo (which if you know me I always talk about this) in the middle of Reitschule almost made me cry. So complex, so sad, so hopeful, so painful. Amazing. The folks at baebelmusic filmed a DMST show earlier in the year in NY. Check out their footage of Reitschule here. It is really, really awesome. I was sad that neither of the Twins of Sin were with. But I am very happy to say that I saw the show and have something to remember it by. I will add a side note. At one point in the show I was sitting down on the balcony floor. It sounded good at the time. My eyes were closed as DMST isn’t much of a groovy type band. More of a peyote type band. I security guard came up and gave me the tap: “Hey!! Are you okay!!!” Just a funny side note. I nodded and continued to soak in one of the best shows I have ever seen.  All in all, it was a pretty fantastic weekend. I had some issues arise on Sunday that aren’t necessary to dig into but all I can say is “Wow.” Thank you Audrey and Lily. You will always hold a special part of my heart.


~ by A Soul on the Verge of Aim on November 18, 2007.

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