Have the Manatees Become the Mentos? Day 2

….. and then on a chilly autumn Chicago morning, the Twins of Sin walked out of the door and down the street. Wait, with my bank card! Well, not that I didn’t trust them, and not that I had a lot of money in the account (I’m much more Amex friendly). Lily was very cute, looking at me, blue donuts and all… “SOVA. I will take out 40$” “It’s ok” I replied.

So that was the first day. I walked back into my place, my spleen had engulfed my kidneys and my liver had decided to join the fray by going on strike. It was a new exciting day in Chicago and yet I laid down & passed out. So after a few hours of sleep, I was dying for something to eat. Texting back and forth with Lily yielded our next excursion… food. We were going to the Say Hi concert that night so I guess it made sense to actually eat something. Lily was over in a flash (an hour long flash) and we see-sawed our way off to a little Italian restaurant around the way. It was cute, as it always is with Lily. She’s so uncomfortable in her skin which is fucking crazy because she is everything you would want in a woman. Well read, beautiful, awkward, and maladjusted. I can’t specifically speak for all of my readers, but if you read this (like a surprising many of you do) then you are probably a bit damaged too. So Lily and I sit in the restaurant, drink a decent Zin, shoot the shit, and for the most part let the ether do the rest of the communicating. I for the most part try to be the sounding board and hope Lily provides the sounds. For the most part, she does. Game, Set, Match. Lily’s drunk…. again and we are off to the Concert.

Lily explains in the cab that the bar/club, Subterranean, is in a nuvo-art fag, quasi chic, part of Chicago. Sounds like a somewhat immature version of an immature Williamsburg, Brooklyn (which by the way I will always give props to for being home to Kokies in the late 90’s!). While being a bit busier and in the earlier phases of gentrification, the scene was right on. The opening band, The A-Sides were okay. A little too neo-country for me, but I knew that Lily was into that Boot Scootin’ type stuff so I stood pat. They actually have one catchy song, “We’re the Trees,”  that will probably give them traction. (Side Note: As I just went to iTunes to find the song “We’re the Trees,” it is the most popular ranked song)  And then there was The Velvet Teen……..

The description of “Two whales raping each other” would not do justice to the agonizing sounds coming from what I thought were supposed to be instruments. I’m not old, yet when I would listen to the lead singer (who by the way sounded like he was the lead singer from Rush) I would question if it was time to stop going out and start listening to Wagner. The fact that there were people there actually into the words, which at one point I asked Lily “Is he speaking English?”  was disturbing. I’ve run the gamut with music and if these guys were going for unique, they got it.

But then Eric, who is in essence Say Hi came up on stage and made the pain go away. Lily gave the show a good review here but I have to add my two cents because I also got to see Say Hi the first night they played their new stuff in San Francisco at Bottom of the Hill (which btw is one of the best places to see a show!). At Bottom of the Hill, Say Hi was not the headliner but the second opener after the A-Sides so I left after they finished (which also kept me from hearing The Velvet Teen). They headlined this show and it was worth its weight in gold. To peer down and see the expression of Lily during “Midwestern Girls” and “Sweet Heart Killer” will always remain with me. You see, it’s a great thing to see Lily genuinely happy and not being the fab actress she always is. Back to the concert, Say Hi was so much tighter than in SF, it was simply amazing. As the show began to wind down, I noticed a Say Hi poster to the right of the stage… specifically next to where Eric was singing. I tried my best to be sneaky about it but gaffled it and gave it to Lily. Point- SOVA (as usual). Eric saw me pull it and seemed a bit flattered. Lily said she rapped with him for a bit. I didn’t because I thought I’d come off as a stalker. Eric, if you read this, I’m not.

With the exception of the whale raping and then great Say Hi recovery, the funniest part was the chick that Lily pointed out to me as being “hot.” There wasn’t much of that in this place so I was intrigued. A closer look revealed an art chick that looked kind of like King Tut but with rat tails. In fact, the haircut looked exactly like the one Rick from the Young Ones would sport. Actually in retrospect, she looked just like Rick, sans the eyeliner…… LOL

Lily and I walked out in Chicago eve to part ways. After stumbling by some major vom (Was Audrey near?) we jumped into separate cabs for another ambivalent ending. Good Times.

As I rode in the cab on the way home, I found 20 bucks on the floor and told the Nigerian cabbie of my plan to go to Africa. He told me I wouldn’t last long in the Sudan. Uh oh. Well, to test my mettle, I would engage a terrorist of sorts on day 3, Audrey. Solo. Story to follow…. and it gets real ugly.


~ by A Soul on the Verge of Aim on November 16, 2007.

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