SOVA Meets His Manatees….. Day 1

Much more to follow but SOVA is back from his tour of Chicago where they grow em tough….

Do Make Say Think

So after much consideration regarding logistics, timing & whatnot it was necessary for the Mento to get out and visit his Manatees in the crown of the midwest- Chicago. I had planned for some time to go there to shop G-Skools and such so it was a natural extension to hang with family and fans. Oh boy….. Was it shark week.

Now my undermensches, Audrey and Lily will tell something of a different tale… but in the end, ambivalence (gotcha bitches!) of the greatest kind prevailed. I got in Thursday around noon and made my way downtown. It was from that point when I met a wandering Lily by the Omni, wearing the sexiest of purple eye shadows, that my heart, kidneys, spleen and liver would be changed…. for ever.

After hugs, on to the upscale Grand Lux Cafe (not that upscale but hey) where I haggled with the help to please allow me to drink a “double” bourbon on the rocks. The staff, dumbfounded by the request, brought to my attention the prohibition era law enforced by Mayor Daly that outlawed “doubles” of any kind. It was at this time that I knew the menage a trois I dreamed of was in jeopardy. However, Lily’s purple eyeshadow cast ever so menacingly into the waiter’s eyes, a Nascar sized tumbler of oakey delight sat in front of me.

Enter Audrey– Sauntering in with her Top Gun wire frames, a new red phone, and attitude for days. It had felt like I knew Audrey for years, though meeting her only for the first time. Maybe it was the matching wire frames, maybe it was the mutual idea of dumpster hugging, maybe it was the notion of being an outlaw vampire. It was now a reality and the triad was complete. Armed with only a few pieces of seared ahi (and some new, creative ways to eat edamame) to soak up the boozeful bliss with my lovelies, your dear SOVA was his own version of Angus Young… clearly traveling on a “Highway to Hell.”

On to Lux Bar where the booze and snickering, offset by some key lime pie and an ice cream sundae, was becoming more ridiculous. I think at this point, Lily began to whine about helping the poor and her tutoring came into play. I wanted to sleep with her student but then again, I was ready to sleep with 3/4 of Chicago at that point. Audrey and I chided her repeatedly until Lily realized that a.) she was drunk and b.) she couldn’t save every Slovakian in Chicago.

Like a beaten UFC fighter, Lily submitted… but then we remembered “We have ADD!” Lets find our focus!!!! Back to my place where we found our focus (ahem) then off to another bar… Or was it the other way around? Yes fans, your darling SOVA was a mess. As Lily put it, I was walking into poles (racist) and Audrey was just messy (improv’d btw). Regardless of which came first, it entailed more bourbon, more ketel (with diet coke or sprite- its how I could tell the difference between the twins of sin) and more infighting between my vital organs. The night ended up back at my place with a vicious series of Wii challenges and an unusual incleling for beating on Audrey (and much so vice versa). This is also the time, in between Audrey’s haymaker punches to my midsection, that Audrey would sneak off to the secret place to vom. I did not know this until the next day. Lily and I rapped to the emo-ith degree until 6 am, only having blue donuts along the way. Audrey had passed out with sugar plums dancing overhead, and vom runs every hour or so. The twins of sin left SOVA cold at 6 and change with Lily and I regrouping the next night for the Say Hi concert. But that’s for the next chapter…..

~ by A Soul on the Verge of Aim on November 13, 2007.

One Response to “SOVA Meets His Manatees….. Day 1”

  1. I submitted because my options were either be late and not get to do it anyways, or get drunk with my friends. I wasn’t drunk yet… but you kids sure were.

    I think I chose the better one, thank you.

    I so wish to return to the Grand Lux and request a double. Won’t be as fun without you, though.

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