I Hold My Hands Up, I am a Believer In Joy Division…..

“Fucking Hallelujah” shouts Rob Gretton, extolling the band that would thrust him into fame and fortune.

Hallelujah is right. Hallelujah to Anton Corbijn for making Control, Hallelujah to Deb Curtis for having the courage to show us all sides of the Ian Curtis story, and Hallelujah to Peter, Bernard, and Stephen for carrying on the legacy of Joy Division and Ian, via New Order.

As the movie wound down yesterday, my eyes welled up with tears as the moment approached. Anyone who knows the story of the troubled Joy Division front man knew the frame was set for him to take his own life when Ian banished Deborah from their small Macclesfield home and sat on the couch to watch Herzog’s Stroszek (which wasn’t in the pic). The following morning he would hang himself.

I cried not only because of the depiction of a hero taking his life, but because I found how easy it is to seem so isolated and introverted that the only solution would be to end it all. Ian, like many of us at one time or another, felt like he had no where else to turn. The inner strife stemming from being married at an early age with a new daughter while not so secretly having an affair with another woman, and dealing with an unwanted rapid rise to stardom all weighed on an already fragile conscience.

This movie is permanence for Ian. I have read countless reviews, starting from Cannes to the present, regarding the movie’s merit and frankly, it’s simple to see who really understands what Ian means to the existential purist. I made a mention a couple of weeks ago of a review by LD Beghtol who guts the biopic, calling it trite. After seeing the movie yesterday, I no longer need the validation of any review. As Ian answers a question from Annik in an interview regarding the beauty of Joy Division’s music: “Not all of Joy Division’s music is supposed to be beautiful.” To me, Control is not supposed to be beautiful. It is supposed to be complex. Complex to those who are thinkers, who question, and who don’t know it all.

If you haven’t seen Control, think, question, and go see it.  Bravo.



~ by A Soul on the Verge of Aim on October 29, 2007.

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