Hold on Tight….

It’s Friday. Finally? Not really. Samhain is quickly approaching, the leaves are dying, the days age faster, the darkness consumes. We celebrate Halloween by hiding ourselves just for one night (except for certain dumpster huggers who are armed with multiple aliases) but what do you do when you’ve been hiding all along? I know I’m not alone in this distorted camp of being something for the sake of saving face or preserving the status quo. I may be better than most in execution but frankly, the restlessness is tiring. Maybe I can scare myself by just being me for Halloween.

I long for the day when my Halloween ends, my mask comes off, and my tricks turn to treats.

“though the words we speak are banal, not one of them’s a lie, not one of them’s a lie
you’re what happens when two substances collide, and by all accounts you really should’ve died”


~ by A Soul on the Verge of Aim on October 26, 2007.

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