I Will Love you in the Morning if You Love Me Tonight….

So, the title isn’t really fitting but I’m listening to the new Seawolf and it keeps cycling through my head….

I don’t have much of a song or dance to propose as I am stuck trying to meet a deadline that hopefully won’t prove insurmountable. I’ve had some inquiries from a bunch of unusually eager readers (who would have guessed) as to my whereabouts, so I thought I would check in. I’m writing a grant proposal for the first time ( yes, your darling SOVA will even beg from time to time) and instead of filtering down and down, the paperwork, thoughts, insecurities, etc. seem to grow and grow. Perhaps the title is fitting: Help me help you and I will love you in the morning.

Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

Funny, I felt shallow and compelled to come out from under my rock because I got another parking ticket today. If you have forgotten already, I have a special relationship with the SFMTA to the tune of 700.00 so I was a bit peeved to see the little white envelope that every San Franciscan loathes.

If all works out, I’ll be in Africa early next year. Oh, I can blog from Africa… bet.

I’d love to really share what is keeping me quelled however I’m not into blue balls so until I can be the Sigfried to your Roy (or Holland Oates to your Peter Gabriel), I will lie low.

I am still updating though… be careful for moving parts.

By the way, drop everything and score the new Seawolf. If not for the novelty of another band with “wolf” in it, then for the great follow up to an already great EP. “Song for the Dead,” “Neutral Ground” (New Fav), and “The Promise” are a couple of great heady tracks.

Your indebted SOVA



~ by A Soul on the Verge of Aim on October 24, 2007.

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  1. move six inches to the left.

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