Come Down? Hell No, It’s Celebutante Sunday!!


Okay…. So maybe more like Celebutard Sunday but no matter how you dice it, Monday is ’round the corner and at some point in time you gotta get it together and reflect. It was an enlightening few days. So much so that it has taken good ole SOVA a couple extra days to reflect on the intensity of the experiences to properly conclude.

I was lucky to get a shot at hooking up with someone whom I’ve been dying to meet for a while now on Thursday. While protecting the names of the discreet, it was all that and more. At times I found myself drowning in a sea of dudes (go figure, in SF), however even during said meat-puppet show, I was captivated by someone whom I had only met by the most remote of chances. Bonus- I never knew the power of Johnny Cash until now and will never discount it again.

Friday took your SOVA to the other side of town to witness one of the best performances of the year (in my book). Loco Dice, the blazing hot German techo DJ dropped a set at Mighty. This was courtesy of the best techno party throwers in SF, Blasthaus. With the exception of Loco Dice wearing the same T-shirt as yours truly, I had a great time as he laid down some of the greatest sounds I’ve heard in a long time. The fun I had with the girls from Berlin as well as new pal Marcy from Royal Oak was pretty hot too. I even mysteriously got put up on Youtube- go figure.

My own BW and sideshow, Dumpster Hugger, provided me with ample head candy throughout the weekend, prompting me to consider stealing the two of them, moving off to Utah, and pitching HBO on a reality show based loosely around Big Love. Will have to get back to you on that one. Its amazing the places you find love.

Its also amazing to get a boot on your truck. Oh SOVA, you were on such a roll. Yes I was, but every roll comes to an end. Well, mine started with getting booted. The biggest kick in the seeds however, was that fact that when I went down to eff it up at the SFMTA, all the girls were smoking hot, rendering my rage powerless- akin to sticking some kryptonite down Superman’s shorts. Has San Francisco smartened up?

Anyhow, big week ahead with Say Hi in town on Wednesday and Control (as well as 30 Days of Night) opening up this weekend. Wish I would have been in Chicago this weekend as planned- hurt not to be there (miss you!)… but SF did alright in making it up to me.



~ by A Soul on the Verge of Aim on October 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Come Down? Hell No, It’s Celebutante Sunday!!”

  1. 1. You said the wrong words… 30 Days of Night. Now I have to listen to a certain someone shouting it over and over and over.

    2. But, does it have to be Utah?

    3. I can’t wait to hear how Say Hi ends up. Of course, it better be good. You’ll have to see them again in a few weeks. I hope for the best.

    4. The idea that San Fran would have become an intelligent place is akin to Chicago being warm. And sunny. 😉

    5. Miss you too.


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