Joy Division Makes it to US Soil


“Watching the reel as it comes to a close,
Brutally taking its time,
People who change for no reason at all,
Its happening all of the time.”


Tomorrow night, October 10, Ian Curtis biopic “Control” will make it on to limited screens in the United States for the first time. Ian’s death 27 1/2 years ago left us fans on this side of the pond devoid of feeling- unable to ever experience a live performance by the band that shaped so many of our lives. I am not alone in saying that we hope that “Control” will make up for the emptiness that we carry with us. Reflecting on the past couple of years that I have followed this story, there were times when I smiled, others when I cheered, some when I laughed, and occasionally even a few when I cried as Anton Corbijn attempted to bring his vision of what Joy Division and Ian Curtis were to the silver screen while carefully blending it with the story from which Control was derived- Deb Curtis’ biography of her late husband.

Wide release of Control is not until October 19th, but New York will get a first shot of it tomorrow. I have waited for the reel to come to a close for some time in order to embrace it myself. Read the NY Times article about Control and Joy Division documentary here.


If any of you haven’t read this yet, go have a poke at LD Beghtol’s trite review at the Village Voice regarding Control.

As an aside LD, I’m sorry post rock passed you by and I’m even more upset that all biopics couldn’t be more like VH1 afterschool specials but hey:

I’d rather sell arms to the Martians
than wait sullenly for a
letter from a diseased clown with a
three-piece mind
telling me that I’ve won a
bullet-proof pair of rose-colored glasses
for my poem “Autumn in the Spring”

-Taken from David Lerner’s Mein Kampf (thanks MM) –

How are your rose colored glasses looking today?


~ by A Soul on the Verge of Aim on October 9, 2007.

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  1. […] see who really understands what Ian means to the existential purist. I made a mention a couple of weeks ago of a review by LD Beghtol who guts the biopic, calling it trite. After seeing the movie yesterday, […]

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