Sigur Ros….. A League of Their Own

Music is something that is either a passenger to, or a part of your being. I love music. It shapes me, cuts me, cradles me, leads me and  follows me. I never formally played any instruments (nor have many of the members of Sigur Ros) to validate this sort of respect, but no less, it is only music that has been there during the best and worst moments of my life. Sigur Ros reminds me of exactly where music and I have been whenever I hear them. Ethereal is really the only way to describe them. Celestial, intuitive, painful, and healing are just a few ways to describe their sound as heard through my ears. There are very few bands that can use/create vocals (Hopelandic) that aren’t really words, but just additions to other instruments. There are even fewer bands that can get away with not titling an album or its songs, opting to allow its fans to do so for themselves. Sigur Ros can do this because to its listeners, Sigur Ros means something different, even if in the end it means beauty.

After releasing its fifth album and garnering considerable accolades worldwide (see: Agaetis Byrjun is considered in Iceland “album of the millennium”), Sigur Ros has completed and is showing its ambitious film, Heima (loosely interpreted as: At Home) around the world. The film follows Sigur Ros throughout their home of Iceland, performing in intimate settings with locals. As Pitchfork describes:

Visually, Heima is stupidly gorgeous; DeBlois shoots like a photographer, hovering, still and steady, before Iceland’s wet, lunar landscapes, clearly infatuated with the country’s strange and violent countryside. Watching, it’s hard to believe it’s all real: blonde, fair-skinned children sail blood-red kites, everyone is wearing thick wool sweaters, fresh water runs free and fast through unspoiled valleys, and Sigur Rós slam their guitars in unison, while vocalist Jón Por (“Jónsi”) Birgisson howls at the heavens, eyes squeezed shut, shoulders high.

Wide release of Heima, stateside, is slated for November 6 and will be accompanied by a double disc set titled: Hvarf/Heim. Sigur Ros will be performing in New York later this month after the screening. I just tried to get ticket. Not surprising they are way sold out.

Here is the beautiful trailer to Heima……



~ by A Soul on the Verge of Aim on October 3, 2007.

4 Responses to “Sigur Ros….. A League of Their Own”

  1. I’m a big fan of this group, they get lots of air play in my office, setting the mood while I work. I don’t think there’s a weak cut in any of the material I’ve heard. Let me also plug John Foxx (“TinyColourMovies”) for fans of the ambient/weird and “Beehives”, an album by Canadian group Broken Social Scene…

  2. Yes, great plugs, thanks for the welcome additions. Simply an amazing group Sigur Ros are. I am trying to figure out how to get tix for the show in November down in L.A.

  3. Believe it on not, TOOL, my favorite band in the world, is coming to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a mere 75 minute drive away. Already working on finagling great tickets. Can’t wait for that one the third week of November…

  4. Heima played at the AFI in Los Angeles this weekend. Awesome experience and a great crowd!! Too bad I missed their concert. Whoever digs Sigur Ros should get it. It’s a great complement to the documentary “Screaming Masterpiece” (w/Bjork, Sigur Ros, Mum…) that came out earlier this year and gives a broad overview of the Icelandic music scene. Go Iceland!!

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