Did the Tide Sweep Seawolf Away?

On an unusual Apple note (and now pissing me off), the new Seawolf album, Leaves in the River, which dropped last week has mysteriously disappeared from iTunes. If you are not familiar with Alex Brown Church, aka Seawolf, the neo-emo crooner is a great find. His EP, Get to the River before it Runs too Low, is filled with an amalgamation of sounds ranging from Elliot Smith to Mark Motherbaugh. I tried to downloading the album over the past few days and it has gone from being available, to being available by song only, to not being available in the US, to now disappeared from iTunes.Hope someone gets it together and finds a way to put it back up. I don’t want to steal it, but I have a feeling it is worth it to. Keep your eye open for Seawolf.

Here is a vid from “The Garden that you Planted” by Seawolf. He’s on tour with fellow greats Nada Surf, check them out!!


~ by A Soul on the Verge of Aim on October 3, 2007.

One Response to “Did the Tide Sweep Seawolf Away?”

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