I’ll Have my Apple With a Side Order of Spam, Please..

I’ve been a loyal Mac user for about 8 years now. I have 4 or 5 iPods, an Apple networked house, TV, bathroom, I still run my Mac G4 desktop (with a few mods) and I was very fortunate to come out of a bad situation recently with a new Mac Book Pro, courtesy of the SF Apple store (who I highly recommend if you are having any problems with your ‘wares).

Now Apple, a “counter-culture” cum pop culture iconoclast, boasts of the stark contrast between itself and Microsoft with regard to viruses, yet for the past week and a half I have noticed this huge uptick in email spoofs of both my address as well as many, many other mac addresses. Has anyone else noticed this? Am I getting bombed out for my Iranian poke? Frankly, there is nothing worse (well close to nothing) than the feeling you get when seeing the returned email that you sent to little-johhny@mac.com (this is a fictional addy) on the 15 ways to add 10 inches to your penis.


~ by A Soul on the Verge of Aim on October 3, 2007.

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