Stars “In Our Bedroom, After the War” Review…… Redux

Okay. So I took somewhat of a slight beating regarding my take on the new Stars album, “In Our Bedroom, After the War” and I felt it necessary to post a redux on the non-critical critique.

When looking at, feeling up, snuggling with, and ultimately listening to an album like “In Our Bedroom….”, you’ll most likely have the bar already raised pretty high. The Canadian shoegazer/post rock/post punk et. al scene has been alive and well for over 10 years now; raining down upon us listeners heavy melancholic drops of sound from bands like (personal favs) Do Make Say Think (Toronto- formed 95), Godspeed! You Black Emperor (Montreal-96), The Stills, Broken Social Scene (and all spinoffs) and many more…. namely, Stars. Important to mention, and this is my opinion, these bands have for the most part “kept it real”, refusing to willingly mainstream and overproduce. So when parsing tracks and thoughts on the new Stars, I felt no ill will toward the effort.

At issue is that the Stars are simply another great band swimming in a sea of really great bands that’s deeper than Lake Tahoe. The Stars bring, as they always have, their brand of inner/outer protest through song and like mentioned in the earlier post, this time around seem to have a cohesiveness that is fresher than from previous albums. My favorite A great track is the powerful, “The Night Starts Here”, a lyrical war over personal responsibility. “Were We Angels Afterall? …. I don’t know, I don’t know.” A second number, prompting me to redux the redux, is the song, “Life 2: The Unhappy Ending”. All I can say at this point is wow (back to the fucking shrink I go).

I’m sure in due time, some event will occur that will align my feelings with “In Our Bedroom, After the War’s” meanings. Songs with staying power mean little to me until I can really identify. Unfortunately, I hope its not too soon because I think I just finished up paying off my shrink’s tab after identifying with “Set Yourself on Fire”.

Stars Performing Live in Stockholm


~ by A Soul on the Verge of Aim on September 27, 2007.

One Response to “Stars “In Our Bedroom, After the War” Review…… Redux”

  1. OMG..Look what I found! A guitar signed by Stars. How cool is this I never thought I would ever get my hands on a signed Stars item. If you want to bid on some awesome items that I found visit this link. There is this item up for grabs and many others. I think the auction page said that new items go up every week too.

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