Shooting Stars…..

So the Stars newest effort “In our Bedroom After the War” released yesterday. Unless you have been under a rock, you’ve known that it has actually been out since July to beat back all of you Limwire bastards (and I mean that in a sensual way) from stealing it. Personally, I kind of forgot that I had it (I do this frequently) until I saw tracks from the new album popping up all over the place. So I said, “What gives?” and gave it another listen. Not bad but not life changing, that’s for sure. Its appears that if you are from Canada, move and do a quick stint in New York, and move to Montreal, you are destined for some sort of indie rock acceptance. The Stars, along with their contemporaries, BSS, Feist, DMST are all amazing bands with a fantastic sound. They must be putting something into the water up there… Oh yeah, Socialism!

I think new work is much more cohesive than previous efforts and leverages the talents of the band versus the individual efforts as in the past. A bit more of a mature effort coming from our Molson drinking, guitar strumming, curling fans to the North- But definitely worth the purchase.

Get it here (if you haven’t already)



~ by A Soul on the Verge of Aim on September 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “Shooting Stars…..”

  1. ur a pusher dave…. love it :-p

  2. “Take Me to the Riot” is one of the more listenable songs Stars has ever done–but the album lacks the sort of charming ephemeral musings characteristic of their earlier efforts–particularly Heart.

  3. Mr Evans… while I am a tremendous fan of your work, I respectfully disagree with your overall categorizing of this effort by the Stars. As I listen to “In our Bedroom After the War” more and more, songs like Barricade have indeed, barricaded themselves inside my head. Catchy enough to keep it jostling around but still “Stars” enough to want to concentrate on its lyrical depth at a later time.

    Maybe you’ve become too much of a curmudgeon to appreciate the versatility of a band like the Stars.

    Remember, we’re what shoe gazers, gaze when they’re not gazing shoes……

    Yours truly,


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