Tour De Force, Tour De Frisco

I know this is more of a “have to be there” type situation but if you live in our fair city and are up and about before the markets open up (6:30am), you will see something that can be characterized as just plain wrong. As you drive up and down the hills of SF, you will notice a gaggle of Lance Armstrong/Floyd Landis types who only differ from the formers by the appearance of their unfit bodies in spandex (let alone the fact that they aren’t being paid to have all of those advertisements plastered on their jerseys, its from Lombardi sports in the Marina). It is the type of scenario when you approach them, you think you are about to hear the radio announcer say “Bud Light, presents… Real Men of Genius… Today we salute you, Mr. Tour de France, Bike to Work, Biker”…..

I used to work with a guy who rode with the US Postal Service Team and it never ceased to amaze me the number of office bike jockeys who would walk by his desk just to tell him about their new ball hugging seat. Funny thing, you’d never knew that he rode for the USPS, because he didn’t broadcast it.

Here is a good Tour de France broadcast- Kraftwerk


~ by A Soul on the Verge of Aim on September 24, 2007.

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